phlebotomy hands on seminar

Phlebotomy and PRP Hands-On Seminar

, by Thomas Williams, 1 min reading time

Dr. Daniel Haghighi

Instagram: @danielhaghighidds

  • The seminar covers learning how to do PRF procedures in the doctor's practice.
  • Learning how to tie the tourniquet to draw blood to make PRF membranes.
  • More patients are accepting the treatment because it is the patient's own immune system used for healing after extraction and/or dental implant procedure.
PRF seminar
Phlebotomy hands-on practice
Phlebotomy tourniquet hands-on
phlebotomy blood draw hands-on practice
phlebotomy blood draw on patient
phlebotomy blood draw with butterfly needle
spinning blood on metafuge
doctor preparing for blood draw on patient
butterfly needle blood draw on patient


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